Five Trendy Bra and Panty Sets for The Fashion Forward Women

Finding the perfect bra and panty set takes a lot of effort. The thing with them is that there are only a few sets that balance out style and comfort perfectly. However, as a millennial woman, you shouldn’t have to compromise on it either.

Fret not ladies for the solution to all your lingerie woes is here. We have enlisted the trendiest bra and panty sets at Clovia that will provide you with all sorts of glam and support you want.

The lace bra and bikini

A soft lace bra and bikini bottom will ensure comfort like no other. You can wear it for those long office hours without any hitch. It is the perfect combination of ritzy and comfy to help you get through the day.

Feel Comfy & Stylish at The Same Time With These Lace Bras

Ditch the regular fabrics and opt for the bras made with the Gracey and the beautiful lacey fabric, and you are sure to go oh-la-la!

The bralette and bikini

Bralettes are probably the most versatile form of underclothing available in the market. Apart from wearing it as an undergarment, you can also don it as a crop top and look utterly glamorous. You can also break the monotony of your usual bikini and monokini with a bralette. Pair it with that perfect bikini bottom, like the one here at Clovia, and you’re ready to hit the beach.

Make a Lasting Fashion Impression with These Must-have Bralettes

No matter whatever trend is in vogue, bralettes are evergreen. Take your pick from basic leisure bralettes to sexy push-ups and be ready to slay.

The underwired bra and panty

An underwired bra is literally a savior for women who require extra support at the bosom. The underwire keeps you propped up and steady so that you don’t have to sneak off to the washroom to adjust your bra every 10 minutes.

The padded bra and bikini

The wonders of a padded bra are limitless. Not only is it comfortable, but also protects your modesty effectively. Choose a padded underwired bra if you want a slight lift too. It goes perfectly well with a lacy panty.

The T-Shirt bra and hipster brief

Ah, the multipurpose T-Shirt bra. It’s a wardrobe staple for every woman and for good reason. If you want to be trendy, you could buy a bra and panty set that comes with hipster briefs. These high-waisted panties are both comfy and trendy and will keep you at ease throughout the day. You can choose one that combines a black T-Shirt bra with an amazing black hipster brief with a Powernet transparent section on the sides and the back.

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