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The Most Wanted Makeup Trends For 2022

The Makeup Trends for 2022. I bring you the most desired and the ones most invoked by the experts. This year there is a convergence to the essentials of makeup, and I promise you it will be impressive.

After exhaustive research and gathering the opinions of the most diverse professionals, I can, bring you the makeup news and trends for the year 2022, and I believe they will be good ideas. A warning is that this year, makeup should be uncomplicated. With little, it will be possible to be beautiful, well made up and without resorting to significant effects.

There is an influence that covers virtually all trends. It converges with most opinions. The global context has helped this trend to prevail. And the most curious thing is that probably many of us are already applying them.

What do I mean?

Well, this year, makeup artists, creative directors, responsible for the beauty and makeup area of ​​Makeup brands, influencers, and other professionals, point to the need for makeup to go beyond its results. More than perfect makeup, it is crucial to have skin that is equally beautiful and cared. It is not enough to appear to have fantastic skin, it is necessary to have incredible skin. It is crucial to combine beauty with health that appears, and that is under the layers of products being place on top of it.

It has never been more relevant to have luminous skin or moisturized lips. The intention is to emphasize skincare, so that is possible to see beyond makeup, a beautiful face and care, most of all “au naturel”. Beauty first is to accept our unique beauty and acclaim it. It will be more important than creating a face that does not belong to us. It is time to let natural beauty flow.

“Fake is not the game” – Vera Gallardo.

Another trend that, accentuates natural beauty, is the fading of very intense and very textured makeup. In the past, to look amazing, it was necessary to use contour or multiple layers of products, but fortunately, and in the global context, makeup does, but now less is more.

Starting with the basic of makeup, we previously recognized that the selected textures this year will be the most natural. The possibility of using alternative products to the foundation, such as colored moisturizing creams, or my suggestions, coloured serums or a colored sunscreen, will help to achieve that goal. With just one step, they are moisturizing and protecting the skin, and with a very light texture, you can have a natural look, allowing to add other elements that helps finish the makeup.

Ilia Serum Skin with color and SPF40

With or without foundation, the crucial thing is that you start and end with a natural look. As the contour is not an essential element, the blush is more prominent. This season, the best choices are the most moderate shades and, one that stands out is the shade of peach, likewise the coral, both with little intensity.

Lily Lolo Coral Blush

Another key idea is the colors that are being called trendy. These are the red ones, various shades of blue, the metallic ones, eternal and classic black, the incredible browns, coral, and, combining with all, the nudes.

On the lips, hydration is the keyword for amazing lips. Starting with treating and caring is essential. Lips that mark a position, red, are the perfect ally. Never out of fashion, but this year, it can stand out in such a way that if used, using a softer or faded makeup, it becomes the principal character. I believe there is a red lipstick in your home, and you can start using it. With or without confinement, this year, we should not hide red lips.

Consider in 2022 the chocolate and pastel tones, as I have already mentioned. An excellent combination is to apply earth tones with warmer tones, even if used discreetly. If you combine a coral blush with an earth lipstick, and slightly makeup eyes, it will give an appearance of care and natural beauty.

And still on the lips, if the nude ones are excellent choices, why not combine with a more exuberant eyeliner, in blue tones or with metallic ones? It will be a trend, and it will make an incredible look.

Ilia Lip Care with colour 6 different lipsticks, pink, nudes red, brown, and coral

Combinations with gloss, are to use now, and every day. This year, dehydrated lips are absolutely “out”. The care of this area is essential so that they can have a healthy and beautiful appearance. And gloss can extend it to other areas because it will be a success for sure.

Also, remember to consider the importance of the care namely in ​​the eyes and lips. Avoid, always possible, brands and products that are harmful to health, and pay close attention to ingredients identified as dangerous, one of them Kohl pencils, frequently sold. Another product you should avoid is glitter, except for natural and biodegradable ones.

As we truly know, the pandemic context, the use of masks, and remote work puts the maximum expression of our emotional state in our eyes, while promising to be the centre of attention. When it is not possible to show more than the eyes, all communication goes there it is natural that we want to highlight our gaze, more than any other part of the face. That is why to value the eyes we must.

By that, long and curved lashes, if natural even better. Although eyelashes are a strong point for stunning eyes, the trend towards a more natural version will be a must. The choice of a mascara that favors mainly the curved shape and gives dimension to the lash it’s a fine choice.

RSM Beauty Mascara

Another trend, tightlining, which has been used a lot, will continue to be part of the choices being a guaranteed success, to shape the eyes to appear bigger and more expressive. Extremely easy to apply, just with a black eye pencil (dispensing liquid eyeliner) is a suggestion to consider.

Eyelash mask with color, it can be, as long as we see them from a distance. The same happens with the eyeliner, if you use it you can choose bright or fluorescent colors combined with a very discreet makeup. The eyeliner in this case defines the look.

Color-covered eyelids are also a trend, you can choose matte shades of intense colors, which can vary the overlapping tones in an organized mix. Metallic or fluorescent colors are also options to consider, these choices are for those who prefer creativity and novelty and use them without limits. Makeup the upper and lower eyelids using these colors and tones is a trend that we can easily adhere to.

Hourglass Graphik Palette

For an incredible look, you can choose smokey eyes. Yes, these are never out of fashion and can create a mysterious or more rock’ roll look but, if combined with nude lips or clear lip gloss, the result will be more “chic” than anything else.

And finally, the eyebrows, which in times of confinement and without being able to fix them, can be challenging. But this year’s trend brings good news we will use wild eyebrows and let our nature shine. We can clean and care for our eyebrows but drawn with very slim lines are not the desired. Of course, there are cases where the line is naturally slim, like the Garbo line or like Rita Hayworth eyebrow, in that case, is alright, it’s natural either way.

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